Key Terms

BOLD mean new or new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc– ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline;^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive.

Helpful Hints

When planting large trees it is important to stake the tree with 3 stakes to keep the wind from shaking the roots loose. Use proper ties so as not to damage the bark. Also before planting, prepare & water the hole well. All newly planted material must be well watered right up to freeze-up.

During the first couple growing seasons, your newly planted tree is expending a lot of energy trying to get its roots established in the soil. It is important NOT to depend on the rain to water deep enough to support healthy roots. Keep grass well away from the tree trunk so as not to do damage from the mower.

Species Culture Price
Acer jap Bloodgood sun-ps/M/wd/f/prune-25',deep red-purple deeply cut foliage; winged fruit; an outstanding specimen $69.99
Acer Crimson King sun-ps/M/wd/f- 40'-rich maroon leaves that last throughout the summer and its purple fruits. Fall color is unremarkable. $199.99
Acer Harlequinn sun-ps/M/wd/f-40'-white-variegated light green foliage throughout the season. Leaves turn yellow in fall $199.99
Acer p Tamukeyama sun-ps/M/wd/f -cascades to 8' in 10 yrs; one of the fastest growing dissectums; deep red to purple scarlet in fall. $69.99
Aralia spinosa sun-ps/hr/M/prune e.spring- 12',thorny stems & leaves, dramatic foliage, white plume flowers, buds & flowers break late $29.99
Balm of Gilead (Populus) sun/M/rich-75'- fragrant wax saturates winter buds &coats the young leaves in spring gives this tree its name Price NA
Cornus Florida rich/wd/A/25' white flat top tree… very beautiful Fall berriessmall Tree or Shrub $49.99
Cornus kousa chinensis Sun/ rich/ M/wd/ A&S soil -25'-multi stemmed; slow growing; blooms early white blooms; beneficials $249.99
Cornus kousa Satomi Sun/ rich/ M/well-drained acidic soil & sandy soil -25'-showy deep pink flowers in spring;horizontal habit of growth $249.99
Corylus av Red Dragon sun-ps/wd/6' remove all suckers to improve appearance American Hazelnut or Filbert. Beautiful deep red foliage; Edible $229.99
Crataegus l C.Cloud sun/avg-D soil-30'-(Hawthorn) large, single, fragrant, deep pink to red flowers,fruit into winter;upright form; $199.99
Gleditsia tri Sunburst 85'-vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour soft weeping foliage. $169.99
Larix dec Pendula sun/avg water needs/-8-12'- needs staking for height or else it will be a GROUND COVER' grown for it's foliage; yellow fall color; $269.99
Magnolia Elizabeth Sun-ps/Wd/M-30' one of the best yellow; early cup shaped blooms; slightly fragrant; very popular $266.99
Magnolia Leonard Messell Sun-ps/Wd/M-20'-( small tree) a compact tree form with multi-stems. a beautiful two-tone flower& the petals are similar to Royal Star Magnolia $199.99
Magnolia Royal Star Sun-ps/Wd/M-15'--slow growing slightly fragrant 3-4" star-shaped WHITE flowers; flowers open before leaves $199.99
Magnolia Susan sun/M/wd/hr/mulch-spectacular reddish-purple fragrant cup-shaped fls in spring; does not like to be moved $199.99
Malus Prarie Fire Sun/WD/M/F-20' bright pink,almost red, slightly fragrant flowers in spring with deep maroon foliage $169.99
Malus Red Jade Sun/WD/M/F- pink buds, masses of fragrant, white, single flowers appear in mid spring, $169.99
Malus Thunderchild Sun/WD/M F- 20'- clusters of fragrant lavender flowers with pink overtones along the branches $139.99
Morus a pendula sun/wd/avg-8'-mature pink fruit very tasty; arching branches droop to the ground; lovely specimen tree $249.99
Popular Silver Sun/ mostly any soil; 20' closely realted to Aspens; silver-green foliage…pretty…it does send up suckers $29.99
Robina pseu Twist Baby sun/wd-salt & heat tolerent 12' - moderate growth; small twisted shape makes it unusual in appearance $266.99