Key Terms

#1- Hardy ,shallow water(2-4″) or consistently wet, #2- Tropical, shallow(2-4″) or consistently wet: submerged, #3- Water Lilies-plant 3-4′ deep, #4- Floating, #5- Submerged oxygenators-act as natural filters.

Helpful Hints

Every season add the proper plant tabs to feed those plants that are containerized for maximum beauty.
Our pond is approx 1500 gallons 7 x 9 x 4′ deep, liner 20′ x 20′, underpad, 4000gph pump, 4000gph bio force filter.

Natural Filtration – build an extra more shallow pond above your watergarden and line it on the bottom. Use 2-3″ rock 2nd level & 3rd level use smaller rock each time. Use coarse gravel to fill in around these rock to resemble a natural stream. Plant water plants around the edge.