Helpful Hints

The very best you can do for all plants is to feed them compost! The ‘real stuff’ is the best, but if not available use quality packaged stuff.
Grandma & Grandpa did it too!

4 or 6 plants/pak-$3.69 -single pots starting at-$2.69; we also carry a good selection of ready-to-go patio tomatoes & other ready-to-go veggie/herbs
Arugula Myway nutty flavor used in salads..this is a real good herb & good for you also
B.Sprout Jade Cross
Beans yellow & green
Beets Cylindrical…. Nice for slicing & pickling; the beets were popular with shopper's for transplanting
Broccoli Destiny
Cabbage Stonehead early, Multikeeper late, red, savoy,regular sized pak choi
Carrots Short variety- the carrots were popular with shopper's for transplanting
Celeriac- the root or knob is the edible part-generally known as the rooted celery
Celery- Giant Pascal
Cauliflower Amazing
Corn Delectable-bi-color
Cukes- Cucumelon- grape sized cukes crossed with watermelon.Looks exactly like minature melon. Unique
Cukes- Marketmore regular,english,pickling & heirloom Lemon(heirloom) ;
Eggplant Rosa Banca & Black Beauty
Gourds a mixed variety
Husk cherry Aunt Molly's golden husk cherries, excellent to eat once the husks dry…mmmm yummy
Kale Darkibor;Dinosaur;Scarletbor & Winterbor(common- salads(remove heavy veins)full of nutrients,
Kohlrabi Vienna white
Lettuce Red Sails,oakleaf, buttercrunch,green & red; leaf,head, red, romaine, & mesclun mix
Onion Leeks,red,spanish,yellow winter; bunching, Walla Walla(similar to Vidahlia)
Okra Full sun/Hr/Moisture…mulch plants to conserve moisture…plant in a warm location
Peas Thomas Laxton…tall heirloom variety; climbing. The peas were popular with shopper's for transplanting
Pepper Sweet- green,red, yellow,orange,purple, banana,pimento,Hot-cayenne,Chili, Habanero,Jalapeno& sweet heat
Pumpkin Dills, Small Sugar & Howden
Raddiccho Presto-an improved Chiogga type, large flat heads,summer & fall harvest.
Radish Early variety
Spinach Avon- slow to bolt
Squash- Summer- yellow & green zucchin & Winter varieties incl. Spaghetti
Strawberry Compact, hardy plants very sweet, conical mid-sized fruit on strong stems.Large,
Swiss Chard red & white
Tomato Pear-red&yellow;Cherry-tiny tim; sw 100 & Sw million; Sun Sugar; Sugar Rush;cherry patio;
Red Profusion; Indigo Ruby; Beefsteak Beefsteak - Big Beef;
Heirloom- Brandywine; Cherokee Purple; Jubilee; San Moranzo;
Low Acid-Jubilee; Sungold; Paste-Roma; Regular- Scotia; Celebrity;
Tomato Husk Aunt Molly-Yellow,good to eat right off the bush-yummy
Turnip Laurentian…a winter keeper
Watermelon Crimson Sweet; with a warm enviornment & rich soil these can easily reach 20lbs
NOTE: The very best you can do for all plants is to feed them compost!
The 'real stuff' is the best,but if not available use quality packaged stuff
Grandma & Grandpa did it too !