“Every year we use new soil specially made for containers and slow release fertilizer.”

We will custom fill your containers according to your requests or we will help you to decide what you like. We use new soil every year so you may empty the old soil on your compost pile & wash your pots up nice & spiffy. We will keep your containers until mid June at no extra cost. All lay-a-ways must be picked up by mid June or they will be recycled. Sorry please honor our policy on this. It is also very hot in the greenhouses by this time & your wonderful creations will start to deteriorate in that heat.

Helpful Hint: containers need new soil & a proper slow release fertilizer to keep plants growing & blooming. Always use water soluable (the blue stuff) often Plants grown in containers have special needs. One of the mistakes new gardener make is to use top soil from their in ground garden to pot up their plants.

There are no nutrients, air-space & is too dense for proper drainage & root development. It is important to use a good quatlity potting soil & never the cheapest
one offered by some chain stores. Never ever re-use old soil from your containers for the next year plants..Dump it in your in-ground garden or compost.

4.5”- Potted Material: $5.49
Dracaena,Fuschia, Ivy Geraniums, Scaevola, Bacopa,Begonias,Geraniums, Verbena; Nemesia
Sunpatiens, New Guinea Impatience, Million Bells,Petunias(& wave), Argyanthemum, and so much more
6”-Potted Martha Washington Geraniums [pansy geraniums] $8.99
6”- large potted plants, Gerbera, $6.49
Jumbo 5.5-Sunfinity Sunflower $9.99- LRG POTS-$16.99
Jumbo 5.5-Large Ornamental Annual Grass $9.99
3.5"-Geraniums grown from seed: $2.49
3.5"- Ever popular Wave Petunias: $3.49
Patio Tomato Tubs:-large & fruited $18.99
Fertilize 2-3 times a week with 1/2 strength water soluble fertilizer(the blue stuff)
and keep plants DAMP but not soggy
8" Hanging Baskets, assorted contents $15.99
10" Hanging Basket Boston Fern[ very large & full] $35.99
10” Hanging Baskets:(very large & full of growth-large selection] $19.99 or 3 for $56.99 ($18.99 ea)
12" hanging baskets, colored plastic,ONLY $29.99
12" Wire Baskets(filled with flowers growing in a ball) $42.99-hanging begonias $52.99
16" Wire Baskets (filled with flowers & growing in a ball) wave petunias$-55.99 (mixed flowers $65.99)
16" pans with Vistas $41.99
24" MONSTER Wave Petunia Baskets $99.99
24”Flower Pouch: very large & full of growth $15.99
8" mum pot…HUGE & GORGEOUS $10.49 or 3/$29.99
Potted Herbs 2.49/4.49
perennial paks(4 plants in one pak) 4.99 / single pots 3.49 ( 3")
annual/veggie paks(most contain 6 plants each pak 3.49 sml pots 2.49
herb paks (contains 4 plants each pak) 3.49/ sml pots 2.49
tomato veggie paks in extra large 6 paks
variety herb patio containers $11.49-24.49