Key Terms:

BOLD means new or new to us this year. Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; D-dry; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; VV-very very; P-poor; SD-sharply drained; N-neutral; A-alkaline; AC-acid; X-excellent; GC-ground cover; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive;

Species/Variety Description Price
Achillea m Saucy Seduction Sun/any/wd/24" masses of long-lasting clusters of rose-pink flowers with tiny white centers. Its pleasantly aromatic, $9.99
Achillea Summer Berries Sun/any/wd-2'-rose flat-top flowers with pink overtones and creamy white eyes ,early summer to early fall. X cut $4.99
Aconitum bicolor Sun or shade.wd/hr-4'; mid to late August at a time when other plants are slowing down.Deer resist. Long lived $9.99
Adenorphora c Fairybells sun/wd-18" DH to re bloom; Blooms early to late Gaudi Violet $19.99
Aegopodium p Variegatum shade/wdm/Goutweed, GC that quickly forms a dense, weed-proof carpet, even under difficult growing conditions. $9.99
Agastache Black Adder Sun/wd-Giant Hyssop) upright clumps 3'-is a charming herbaceous perennial boasting bottle-brush spikes, 6-8 in. 2/pk 4.99
Ajuga Black Scallop shade/wd/M/HR-4"-ground cover black scallop edge;short spikes of fragrant deep blue flowers $9.99
Ajuga Bronze Burgundy shade/wd/M/HR-4"-ground cover is widely grown despite its invasiveness, because it's pretty and fills in fast.Burgundy-blue leaves $9.99
Ajuga Green shade/wd/M/HR-4"-ground cover is widely grown despite its invasiveness, because it's pretty and fills in fast. $9.99
Alcea Chaters Queeny Purple sun/wd/f 26", mid season bloomer, double deep purple-red blooms, dwarf variety, an award winner $4.99
Alcea Fiesta Time sun/wd/f 2-3' sturdy spikes of large, double, cerise pink, fringed flowers. Blooming from mid to late $9.99
Alcea hyb Las Vegas sun/wd/f 5', mid- late blooming, gorgeous single mix blooms, showy flowers, makes a great display $4.99
Alcea r Halo Cerise sun/wd-up tp 7' tall spikes; short lived;funnel shaped flowers; $9.99
Alcea r Mars Magic sun/wd/f-8'-brilliant red colors. single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk $4.99
Alcea r nigra sun/wd/f-8'-Deep blackish-purple, single flowers on tall, sturdy stalk $4.99
Alcea r Peaches & Dreams Sun/wd-4-6';fully double, peach-colored blossoms which are sometimes tinged with raspberry-pink. $9.99
Alcea Spring Cel Dbl Mix sun/wd/f 6', mid- late blooming, gorgeous double mix blooms, showy flowers, tall & stately 2/pk 4.99
Allium cepa Medusa wd/ 20"-snaky twisted leaves;purple; fragrant; attracts beneficials $16.99
Allium Chives (herb) wd/ 18"…edible & nice purple flower heads… $8.99
Allium Millenium wd/18" well rounded profuse heads ; a butterfly magnet $12.99
Allium t Summer Beauty wd- 18" Lavender-pink rounded heads;Gold Medal Award; beneficials $12.99
Allium Windy City wd-16"-Rich jewel-toned, rose-purple buds open to orchid-pink flowers Like mini fireworks $12.99
Alyssum Aurinia sax Gold Rush sun/wd- low growing prune all Alyssum back by 50% after blooming $4.99
Alyssum sax Compactum Sun/wd-10"It has a compact and dense growth habit; Its blooms are a bold yellow 4.99-9.99
Alyssum w Golden Spring# sun/wd clusters of bright yellow, four-petaled flowers in spring to early summer. grows ½ to ¾ in. tall 2/pk 4.99
Amsonia Blue Ice sun-ps/wd/M but not soggy-2'- cut back by 30-50% after flowering to maintain shape; 1st rate garden plant $9.99
Amsonia Butterscotch sun/wd 3'-Tall arching stems with long narrow leaves give this plant a very delicate and graceful appearance, LT Blue Fls; E-late summer $16.99
Amsonia t Storm Cloud sun/wd/Mbut not soggy-2';blue shades, blooms early. Hardy. Fall interest $19.99
Amsonia t String Theory sun-ps wd/M but not soggy-compact;3'- lt Blue; healthy dark green leaves throughout the summer. Brilliant golden orange fall colour. $19.99
Anemone Honorine Jobert Ps/wd/20"-slightly cupped white flowers; A must have late season bloomer; a well behaved grower $16.99
Anemone leveillei Ps/wd-12" white spring flowerswith a mauve backing. a lovely display of after a cold chilly drab winter $12.99
Anemone Pamina Ps/wd- 2-3' tall; masses of double rose pink flowers $12.99
Aquilegia c Kir Rose Pink sun-ps-22" Rose Pink shades.; long lasting cut flower $9.99
Aquilegia c Kirigami Mix Sun-ps/wd-18" upward 2-3" blooms…DH regularily; blooms early spring 2/pk 4.99
Aquilegia EB Blue White sun-ps/wd-12"-compact a profusion of long-spurred, bright blue and white flowers. late spring to early summer, 2/pk 4.99
Aquilegia EB Mix sun-ps/wd-12"-compact a profusion of long-spurred, mixture of colors. late spring to early summer, 2/pk 4.99
Aquilegia EB Red White sun-ps/wd-12"-compact a profusion of long-spurred, bright red and pale yellow flowers. late spring to early summer, 2/pk 4.99
Aquilegia EB Red Yellow sun-ps/wd-12"-compact a profusion of long-spurred, bright red and pale yellow flowers. late spring to early summer, $4.99
Aquilegia v Bk Barlow sun-ps-2-3'- dbl rich purple black flowers;remove faded stems to promote re-bloom $9.99
Arabis Barranea Sun/WD- low-mounding, prolific rose-violet rosette blooms in early spring. $4.99
Arabis Little Treasure sun-ps/wd-5";masses of sweetly fragrant, small Rose pink flowers for several weeks. Drought tolerant $4.99
Arenaria m Blizzard cmpct sun/avg/ wd/ 4-6", sprg-summ bloom,alpine plant,cushion forming evergreen,lrg whte flowers;self seed $4.99
Arisaema triphyllum Pshade/M-2'; woodland; Jack in the Pulpit; unusual looking greenish-yellowish plant; birds love the seeds $12.99
Artemesia Silver Mound sun/wd 6", mid season bloomer, nice mounding form, cut back when foliage gets straggly $12.99
Asarum splendens Ps/M/wd/HR/GC 8" Wild Ginger; vigorous grower with elongated dark green heart shaped leaves with purple underneath; $4.99
Asclepias i Cinderella sun/med- M soils-2-4';pink to dk pink with white crowns;fragrant;good cut; attracts butterflies; Native Milkweed $12.99
Asclepias i Ice Ballet sun/med-2-3' tall; the Incarnata(Swamp Milkweed) a fovourite pollinator especially for the Monarch Butterfly $9.99
Asclepias tuberosa sun/wd/M 18", excellent summer blooms; yellow-orange; fragrant & attractive to butterflies 4.99/12.99
Aster Alert sun/M/wd-12" Dense deep purplish-red flowers provide outstanding color in the garden from late summer into fall. $9.99
Aster n-a Grape Crush sun/M/wd-16"a bushy, compact New England Aster that produces a profusion of semi-double, daisy-like, dp Grape flowers $16.99
Aster n-a K Lilac Blue sun/M/wd 16" a bushy, compact New England Aster that produces a profusion of semi-double, daisy-like, lilac-blue flowers $9.99
Aster n-a K Carmine Red sun/M/wd 16" a bushy, compact New England Aster that produces a profusion of semi-double, daisy-like, magenta-red flowers $9.99
Aster n-a Pink Crush sun/M/wd-16"a bushy, compact New England Aster that produces a profusion of semi-double, daisy-like, bright pink flowers $16.99
Astilbe arend Bridal Veil Ps/wd/M up to 3 x 3' Pure white blossoms held above vivid green foliage. $16.99
Astilbe c Delft Lace Ps/wd/M 3' x 2'-very long, apricot pink flower plumes borne on upright and sturdy bright red stems. $12.99
Astilbe c Hot Pearls Ps/wd/M 18" a later blooming type with large red flower plumes that sit above the feathery, medium green foliage. $12.99
Astilbe jap Montgomery Ps/wd/M a compact, clump-forming perennial boasting dark magenta red flowers held in dense plumes. early to mid $16.99
Astilbe Peach Blossom Ps/wd/M -24" masses of beautiful plumes of salmon flowers with peach overtones $16.99
Astilbe th Ostrich Plume PS/wd/M-40"coral-rose, arching plumes are very large, open, and drooping; very different than typical astilbe flowers $9.99
Astrantia m Hadspen Blood sun-ps/M-wet- 2'- carmine-red pincushion flowers on maroon stems.DH for more blooms $12.99
Baptisia australis sun/wd/M 3-4' purple, lupine-like flowers in erect racemes (to 12") atop flower spikes $9.99
Baptisia Grape Taffy sun/wd/M -30"upright, sturdy spikes of pea-shaped, deep reddish-purple flowers in late spring to early summer $24.99
Baptisia SF PrairieBlues sun/wd/M 3' opens Lemon yellow & matures to a Unique Orange Violet Shade $19.99
Bellis Habanera Mix sun/wd 4", continuous 1" blooms, mixture of red, pink & white colors $4.99
Brunnera m Alexandr's Grt Ps/mod M-18'' x 3' Huge dark green leaves with darker green veins; tiny blue flowers $19.99
Brunnera m Jack Frost Ps/mod M-1x1'- Small, forget-me-not-like flowers of light blue with yellow centres $16.99
Brunnera m Looking Glass Ps/mod M-2'- silvery heart shaped leaves 3-5"w; prefers constant light moisture deer resistant $19.99
Cactus Prickly Pear(Optunia sun/V.V.Wd 8", mid season blooms, use high potash to bring into flower, let dry out completely in winter $9.99
Campanula 'Birch Hybrid' F sun/M 6" x 12"; a real eye cather, cascading over walls & containers, well behaved; masses of violet-blue flowers $9.99
Campanula g Freya (Clustered Bellflower) a knee-high clump that bear large clusters of star-shaped, lilac-purple flowers in early summer. Superb for cutting. $16.99
Campanula lactiflora full sun/M-4', conical shaped blooms of blue violet or white;attracts butterflies $4.99
Campanula m Champion Blue F sun/wd- compact heavy bloomer with deep, dark, purple-blue, bell shaped flowers. X cut Attracts hummingbirds 2/pk 4.99
Campanula p Clp Prl white sun-ps-8" opens up to upward facing 'cup-like' blooms..very nice; mid-season blooms 2/pk 4.99
Campanula p Clp Rpd Blue sun-ps-8" opens up to upward facing 'cup-like' blooms..very nice; mid-season blooms 2/pk 4.99
Carnation Grenadine Mix sun/wd/avg 24", mid season blooms, excellent selection, good cut flowers $4.99
Centranthus rubra Cocc sun/wd-2'-everblooming Old World wildflower with clusters of tiny dark red flower . A tough, durable plant 2/pk 4.99
Cerastium tomentosa sun/dry 5", early bloomer, snow-in-summer, large white flowers, abundant blooming $4.99
Chelone l Pink Temptatn ps/wd/M-16"upright, clump-forming perennial with abundant terminal spikes of fascinating, two-lipped, pink to rose flowers 2/pk 4.99
Chelone obliqua ps/wd/M-2-3' bright rosy pink snapdragon like flowers blooms late $9.99
Chrysanthemum Matchsticks sun/ps/F-18" Hardy Garden Mum;the quilled petals, golden yellow with red tips, sparkle like matchsticks. $12.99
Cimicufiga Chocoholic PS/M/HR-5'- blackish foliage gives rise to fragrant, pink bottlebrush flowers that fade to white as they age. $19.99
Convallaria maj Rosea shade to deep shade/M/wd-8" single waxy bell shaped fragrant flowers..invasive $9.99
Coreopsis Double the Sun sun/wd-12-14"- offers excellent heat and drought tolerance once established in the garden.large semi dbl yellow flowers $4.99
Coreopsis g Sunfire sun-wd.-16-18"; upright bushy plant loaded with bright yellow flowers; DH will cause repeat blooms $4.99
Coreopsis Szl&Spc Crzy Cayenn# Sun/any/wd/M18" vibrant orange perfectly domed habit.1¾” wide, fiery sunset orange flowers have intense red-orange color $12.99
Coreopsis Szl&Spc Zesty Zingr# Sun/any/wd/M18"-starry ivory flowers with magenta red tips $12.99
Corydalis H Porcelain Shade/M/wd-woodland-16"-eye-catching bright blue, dangling flowers in dense sprays above the lacy foliage $16.99
Crocosima 'Prince of Orange' sun/wd/3' vivid red-orange blossoms with a distinctive, burgundy speckled, gold center.lift in the fall $9.99
Crocosmia Lucifer sun/wd 30", mid season blooms, long lasting intense red blooms, must be lifted & dried $9.99
Darmera peltata Ps/woodland-4-5'- large, glossy, rounded leaves to 18 in. across;Clusters of soft pink flowers appear before the leaves in e sprng $9.99
Daylilies can survive harsh conditions that other plants cannot including: polluted city environments, slopes, poor and dry soils, near pavement that is salted in winter
Delosp Jewl Desrt Garnet# F sun/wd 5"- a profusion of eye-catching, dime-sized daisy-like flowers of scarlet and lavender. An everblooming variety 2/pk 4.99
Delosperma Delmara™ F sun/wd 5" easy-care plant will be covered with fuchsia-red flowers with a yellow eye. CTS color, late spring- summer $12.99
Delosperma Fire Spinner F sun/wd 2-3"tall and spreads vigorously to 12-18 " or more. Stunning; succulent;incredible Orange & Magenta w white eye $12.99
Delphinium Aurora Dp Prple sun-ps/wd/M/HR-4'-sturdy spires of compact flowers from late spring to summer. deep purple colour, with white centres, $4.99
Delphinium Delphina Blue sun-ps/wd/M/HR-20"- Dk Blue white B 2/pk 4.99
Delphinium Delphina Pink sun-ps/wd/M/HR-20"- Pink w Bee 2/pk 4.99
Delphinium Guardian Blue sun-ps/wd/M/HR-3'5"-tall spikes of satiny flowers. This mid-sized selection has deep-blue petals and strong stems 2/pk 4.99
Delphinium MF Lavender sun-ps/wd/M/HR-2-3' large semi dbl lavender florets with white B 2/pk 4.99
Delphinium PG Black Knight sun/M/wd-4-6' dark purple with white bees…. For best results provide staking $4.99
Delphinium PG Mix sun-ps/wd/m/hr -7', early to late blooming,flowers are semi-double to double mixed colors $4.99
Dian Barbarini Purple Pcot sun/wd/M 8" dwarf, compact,fully winter hardy; Purple Picotee 2/pk 4.99
Dian Frt Pnch Cranbrry Cocktl# sun/wd/M 8-10" delightful little perennial with vibrant dbl flowers & delicious fragrance $16.99
Dianthus b Barbarini Mix sun/wd/M 8"-dwarf Sw Wm- late summer vlooms of pink, white red'd; remove spent blooms for more flowers $4.99
Dianthus b Rockin Red sun/wd/provide moisture-18" use in baking etc for clove flavoring; barbatus…sweet william 4.99-9.99
Dianthus b Sw Wm sun/wd/provide moisture-3' Tall old fashioned Dbl Mix of brilliant colors $4.99
Dianthus d Rose qrtz sun/wd/M-8-10"; a rosy-red spreading border plant $4.99
Dianthus delt Artic Fire sun/wd/M-10-12"; blooms profusely with frilly white serrated petals surrounding a deep fiery red eye. $4.99
Dianthus F. P Marachino sun/wd/M-12" CTS bloomer ; cherry red fragrant flower; very showy $16.99
Dianthus Hello Yellow sun/wd/M-8-10"-this re-blooming Dianthus is an excellent addition to any sunny garden DH for CTS bloom $9.99
Dianthus Rockin™ Red sun/wd/M-8-10"-upright clusters of lightly-scented, red lacy flowers. Ideal as a cut flower $4.99
Dicentra s Alba sun-ps/wd/M/HR 44", mid season blooms, old fashioned bleeding heart, white flowers $19.99
Dicentra s Cupid sun-ps/wd/M/HR-30"- plump pale pink heart shaped flowers on arching stems.Bleeding Heart always a favourite $16.99
Dicentra s Valentine sun-ps/wd/M/HR-30" deep red heart shaped flowers…Filtered sun best for Bleeding Hearts $24.99
Dicentra spectablis sun-ps/wd/M/HR 44", mid season bloomer, old fashioned bleeding heart, pink flowers $16.99
Dicentra Sweet Hearts sun-ps/wd/M/HR-16" fern like foliage rosy pink $24.99
Dictamus albus Albiflorus Sun-ps/M/HR-2' tall white star shaped spikes; glossy foliage has a Citrus scent; once situated is long lived; plant with Peonies $12.99
Digitalis Candy Mountain ps/wd/HR/M-3'-upright spikes of rose-pink, bell-shaped flowers with pale throats speckled with darker spots. Early to mid summer $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Mix ps/wd/M/HR 4', blooms early to late, large bellflowers, dense spikes, healthy & uniform grower. $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Peach ps/wd/M/HR-4'-upright funnel-shaped, soft peach flowers with tiny orange speckled throats.Fast growing. Early to mid flowering 2/pk 4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Purple ps/wd/M/HR-4'-boasting upright spikes of outward facing, lilac purple flowers with maroon spotted throats. Early to mid flowering $4.99
Digitalis Dalmation Rose ps/wd/M/HR--4'rose tubular flowers with violet overtones and deep purple spots 2/pk 4.99
Digitalis Dalmation White ps/wd/M/HR4'-The pure-white flowers on the upright stems, have a pretty freckling of plum coloured markings in their throat, 2/pk 4.99
Digitalis Foxy ps/wd/M/HR-2'-Spikes of creamy-white, mauve and pink flowers with spotted throats; Early to mid flowering $4.99
Digitalis Sugar Plum ps/wd/M/HR-4- upright bright pink flowers with pretty purple speckling on throat $9.99
Doronicum o Leonardo' Ps/M-1-2' -is an uncommon,spring blooming with attractively toothed foliage and daisy-like yellow flowers $9.99
Echinacea p Adobe Orange sun/wd-20" intense orange flowers, 3" across with a skirt of wide of drooping petals surrounding a copper central cone. $4.99
Echinacea p Cheyenne Spirit sun/wd-26-28"; 2013 AAS ;flower colors purple, pink, red and orange tones to lighter yellows, creams and white 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea p Delicious Candy# 18" best Echinacea in 5 years! The color on this double coneflower is practically fluorescent, with glowing fuchsia pink flowers. $16.99
Echinacea p Green Jewel sun/wd-30"-bright light green rays and dark green center cones.Flowers up to 5" across $16.99
Echinacea p Green Twister sun/wd-28-36"- This lively green coneflower will show natural variation in the color and size of the green edge 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea p Magnus sun/wd 44", mid season blooms, intense red. 1998 plant of the year $4.99
Echinacea p PN Magenta sun/wd-20" Unique, intense rose flowers with dark rose centre. 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea p PW White sun/wd- 20"-Pure white with golden yellow cone'3-4” across with wide overlapping,reflexed petals.Early-late 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea p Ruby Star sun/wd 44", continuous blooms, improved purple coneflower with larger flowers & more intense carmine-red color 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea p S Grnda Gld sun/wd-20" intense gold flowers, 3" across with a skirt of wide of drooping petals surrounding a copper central cone. $19.99
Echinacea p SS Salmon sun-wd-blooms in rich shades of salmon pink with yellow accents. Butterflies and other beneficial pollinators love this new offering, $16.99
Echinacea p Sweet Sandia sun/wd-2' the petals look like slices of watermelon, with deep pink centers and light green edges.fragrant $19.99
Echinacea p White Swan sun/wd -white, daisy-like flowers from early summer into early autumn. Its prominent coppery-green central cones $4.99
Echinacea paradoxa sun/wd-26"; showy yellow coneflower with single yellow hanging petals with large brown cone $4.99
Echinacea Prairie Splendor sun/wd-2';rose-pink flowers with 4-6" blooms...will bloom first year from June to to do some deadheading for extended bloom 2/pk 4.99
Echinacea pur (Purple C'flower sun/wd-2';mauve-purple-pink, drooping petals also used as an herb,echinacea makes our own immune cells more efficient $4.99
Echinops b Blue Glow sun-ps/wd-3'-early summer, intense blue spheres measuring 1.5" across.attrated by Bumblebees & nocturnal moths $12.99
Echium amoenum F sun/D-med wd/15"- hairy lance-shaped leaves topped by striking russet-red flower spikes from late spring to frost $12.99
Eryngium a Blue Star sun/wd-3'- heart-shaped, deeply toothed, glossy leaves.Mid to late blooms bear cone-shaped, thistle-like, silver-blue flower heads. $9.99
Eryngium Blue Jackpot sun/wd-2'- green/blue cones and a distinctive bract collar in silver, white, green or bluish-purple,looks almost metalli… $9.99
Eryngium p Blue Hobbit sun/wd-18"-one of the hardiest sea hollies, and it has proven to be a reliable, long-lived perennial. $9.99
Eupatorium m Gateway sun/M/wd-4'- clumps of coarse green leaves,large umbrella-like heads of rosy-purple flowers in late summer. deep purple stems. $9.99
Eupatorium r Chocolate sun/M/wd-4'- purple-bronze foliage turning green in the fall;puffy white flowers $9.99
Euphorbia Bonfire sun/wd-18"- foliage that begins green, quickly changing to deep maroon red. Flower heads have bright yellow bracts in spring $16.99
Euphorbia polychroma sun/wd 16", early blooms, light yellow, lovely color in garden $16.99
Filipendula rubra Venusta sun- ps/wd/M-6'-large, elegant sprays of small deep pink flowers; light fragance $12.99
Gailardia Arizona Apricot sun/wd/F-12"-early-blooming, compact exquisite pastel blend of apricot and yellow, a never-before-seen color mix $4.99
Gailardia Arizona Sun sun/wd/F-12"dwarf, well branched variety that thrives in dry heat. 3" Burgundy flowers with yellow tips $4.99
Gailardia Mesa Br Bicolor A sun/wd/F-12"dwarf long flowering season with bright orange yellow daisy-like flowers with red centres $4.99
Gailardia Mesa Red sun/wd/F-12"dwarf, well branched variety that thrives in dry heat. brick red petals and a darker burgundy cone CTS $4.99
Galium odoratum Heavy to shady borders or as a GC or edging plant. Edible Can be somewhat aggressive under optimal growing conditions.fragrant $9.99
Gaultheria procumbens PS/wd/M- a fragrant evergreen shrub that grows in North American woodlands and produces red berries in winter. $16.99
Gentian c Blue Cross sun-ps/poor to avg wd-10"-intense blue violet flowers on compact, durable, drought resistant plants. $9.99
Geranium m Crane Dance Sun-ps/wd-2'-single bluish-purple flowers; cut plants back almost to the ground after flowering; red foliage in fall $16.99
Geranium p Dark Reiter Sun-ps/wd-12"-finely cut, plum purple foliage. From early to late summer,vibrant lilac blue flowers $16.99
Geranium p Dbl Jewel sun-ps/wd-2 2' abundant double, white star-shaped blossoms with purple-pink hearts from late spring to midsummer $19.99
Geranium Rozanne does best in full sun but will tolerate PS-12"-X heat tolerance and showy violet-blue flowers that appear in late spring $16.99
Geum Blazing Sunset sun/wd-2'- fully double, scarlet blooms; compact yet excellent cut flower.Perfect border plant $9.99
Geum Koi Sun-ps/wd/M-2'-Semidouble, pink, rose and cream flowers with ruffled petals. Sterile flowers provide a long bloom time. $4.99
Geum Pretticoats Peach Sun-ps/wd/M-12" multiple flushes moisture is important $19.99
Gillenia trifoliata PS/ rich/M 2'-upright,featuring reddish stems with starry, dainty white flowers with contrasting red calyces, $12.99
Gypsophila Summer Sparkles# sun/wd-30"-Clouds of small white flowers float above densely branched plants from May through October. $16.99
Gypsophilia r Filou Rose sun/wd-low tight mat of blue-green leaves, bearing masses of small starry, light pink, fragrant, single flowers in early summer, $4.99
Heather Calluna vulg sun/wd/Ac/ 10-12" mixed selection of colors , blooms in the summer $12.99
Hedera Thorndale sun-ps/avg- deep green broadleaf evergreen with creamy white veining. Good for covering up bad areas & for ground erosion $24.99
Helenium Mariache Fuego Sun/wd/avg-20"-Features orange petals with a gold halo surrounding a brown cone.Late summer blooms $12.99
Helianthus maximillian sun/wd/5'-Sunflower-oarse and hairy, grayish-green leaves, usually folded lengthwise, and a profusion of brilliant yellow flowers, $4.99
Helianthus Sunshine Daydream sun/wd 5' Sunflower; numerous double blooms are golden yellow , somewhat resembling a dahlia. $12.99
Heliopsis Bleeding Hearts sun/wd/avg/M-4'-vibrant red orange flowers—the first heliopsis in the world without any yellow in the flowers at all! $16.99
Heliopsis Burning Hearts sun/wd/avg/M-4'- was selected for its unique foliage color and vibrant blooms that reach 2-3 inches in dia.mid-late $4.99
Heliopsis Fire Twister sun/wd/avg-28"- deep reddish-purple foliage daisylike, 3½" flowers in a vibrant shade of red-orange. Dark centres $12.99
Heliopsis h Venus sun/wd/avg-4'- dark green leaves and large, double pompon golden yellow flowers that are 4" across $9.99
Helleborus Double Ellen Red' PS/M/12" Upright stems with outward-facing, cup-shaped, double, heavily spotted, dark reddish-pink flowers unique $19.99
Helleborus o Ballard Strain' (Mixed Colours) PS/M-14" Yellow to pink to red to maroon to blackish-purple early bloom February -April $12.99
HEMEROCALLIS All Varieties Daylilies look better planted in a mixed border T (tetraploid) ARE HIGHER BUD COUNT…not from tissure culture
Hemerocallis Band of Fire sun-ps/avg-30"-right yellow petals with large red eye and massive red edge; mid season & reblooms $16.99
Hemerocallis Blaze of Glory sun-ps/avg-2'-a profusion of large, ruffled, orange flowers, 6", with a dark purple picotee edge and purple center;late $16.99
Hemerocallis Born To Run sun-ps/avg-28"-mid season, rebloomer; Rich, rosy red flowers have a creamy yellow, incredibly ruffled picotee edge $19.99
Hemerocallis Lavender Blue Baby sun-ps/avg 28"- 5"dusty lavender-blue petals with curled mauve edges and a green throat;mid season & rebloomer $16.99
Hemerocallis Mexican Fiesta sun-ps/avg-3' Petals orange, eye red and throat yellow; 5.75" single trumpet shaped flower ;mid season- rebloom m $24.99
Hemerocallis Moses Fire sun-ps/avg -2'-large, double cherry-red flowers, 6 " across, adorned with gold edges; mid season & rebloomer $16.99
Hemerocallis Simon's Overture sun-ps/avg-2'- lavender-rose 6"flowers with satiny deep-plum eyes and matching ruffled edges; mid $16.99
Hesperis matronalis sun-ps-3'- fragrant purple flowers, summer phlox; it looks good when allowed to drift naturally $4.99
Heuchera a Purple Palace Ps is best -16"; foliage purple tinged with brown; most popular Coral Bells…small white flower 2/pk 4.99
Heuchera Electric Plum PS is best-12"-So bright it's electric Dainty, bright fuchsia pink flowers are produced on near black stem $19.99
Heuchera GrapeTimeless PS is best-12"-a clump-forming, evergreen perennial sporting shiny, dark purple leaves with charcoal veining. Early-late $19.99
Heuchera Pink Panther PS is best-12"-semi-glossy leaves emerge metallic pink, maturing to a dark berry pink with darker veins as the season progresses. $19.99
Hibiscus Midnight Marvel F sun/ medium M- 4'- deep scarlet red flowers up to 9" across;dark foliage; long blooming season $24.99
Hibiscus Sumrifc Spinderella F sun/ medium M- 4' X large, white flowers, up to 8" across adorned with pale pink edges and a dark red eye. $19.99
Hosta Ben Vernooij ps/wd/M/HR-12"- thick, heart-shaped, blue leaves with a wide, feathery creamy-yellow margin. Lavender flowers $9.99
Hosta Blue Angel ps/wd/M/HR a giant perennial with silver-blue leaves that form a cascading mound in the shade garden; white flowers $19.99
Hosta Blue Mouse Ears Bitmap Bitmap ps/wd/M/HR-12" lavender scapes; Thick (almost rubbery), round, blue-green to grey-green leaves $16.99
Hosta Cool as a Cucumber ps/wd/M/HR-28"- this gorgeous large hosta forms an incredibly showy,clump of green&white variegated foliage.Lavender flowers $19.99
Hosta Glad Rags ps/wd/M/HR-1' x 2'- wide, bright yellow margins on green leaves. Lavender bell-shaped flowers $24.99
Hosta Jurassic Park ps/wd/M/HR-up tp 4' scapes with pale lav fls; for a large space this Enormous Hosta is the plant to fill the space. Needs lots of water $16.99
Hosta S Diamond Lake ps/wd/M/HR-17" heart-shaped, thick & heavily corrugated blue leave,wavy margins. leaves up to 9" w x 11" long $24.99
Hosta White Feathers ps/wd/M/HR-6"x10"- As it matures, the white leaves transform into a blend of green and cream. Lavender flowers; best in shade $12.99
Iberis First Flush Lavender sun/DT-8" has an exceptionally long bloom season;light purple flower sprays continuing from early spring into fall. $9.99
Iberis semp Snowflake sun/DT-8" A blanket of pure white! Large clusters of flowers carpet; early;an old time favourite $12.99
Iberis Snowsation Sun-ps/DT-6"-this selection offers masses of large white flowers on glossy leaves Prune lightly right after blooming to keep tidy $9.99
Iris e Dinner Plate Tiramisu sun/M-3'-Massive double blooms are great for growing near water. 6" double blooms are creamy white edged in purple $16.99
Iris g Blue Suede Shoes sun/M-3'- heavily ruffled blooms that are deep navy blue with contrasting, bright yellow beard; fragrant; reblooms; vigorous $19.99
Iris g Honey Glazed sun/M-2'-lemon cream standards with caramel falls; reblooming $9.99
Iris g Skyfire sun/M-3' a pure bright orange garden iris, with ruffled, lightly fragrant flowers; reblooms $19.99
Iris p Pink sun/M-30"-generous display of attractive, ruffled petals, light pink-colored with a streak of violet and an orange beard $19.99
Iris ps Shiryuko ps/M-4'- mid-late;reddish purple standard/deep purple marking that outlines the bright yellow signal ;vigorous $12.99
Iris s Jewelled Crown sun/M-30"- rich wine purple standards and falls and lighter blue-purple styles; blue & yellow falls $12.99
Iris s Miss Apple sun/M-30"-the best red Siberian Iris available, Miss Apple features bold magenta standards atop deep red falls with golden accents. $12.99
Iris s Paprikash sun-ps/M-20" Violet-peach standards with orange-red falls and deep yellow signals are veined in red 4" flowers $12.99
Kniphofia Flamenco Mix sun/wd/f 22", mid to late season blooms, yellow-orange, flamming red 2/pk 4.99
Lavender a Hidcote Superior sun/wd/avg- 20", mid season blooms. Silvery-grey leaves. Best color of all lavenders 2/pk4.99-9.99
Lavender a Munstead sun/wd/avg 14", early to late season blooms, bright lilac-blue flowers, silver-grey foliage. Dwarf 4.99-9.99
Lavender a Super Blue sun/wd-18"-Fragrant wands of rich lavender-blue flowers deliver a soothing scent in early and midsummer. $9.99
Lavender a Sw Romance sun/wd/avg--18"-grown for its intensely fragrant flowers, beautiful appearance, and ease of culture. Violet blue flowers $16.99
Lavender a Vicenza Blue sun/wd-fragrant flowers of lavender blue and foliage make it a favourite for herb gardens and in the perennial border $9.99
Lavender Ellagance Purple sun/wd/avg-14"-Deep purple flowers on tall spikes bloom right from the first year, …Gold Metal winner for it's deep color $4.99
Lavender Ellagance Snow sun/wd-14"-1st year flowering with large white flower spikes. Drought and heat tolerant, its compact foliage and dwarf habit 2/pk 4.99
Lavender i Grosso sun/wd/avg 24", continuous blooming, very fragrant deep violet blooms $9.99
Lavender i Phenomenal sun/wd/avg-2', fragrant,multiple lavender blooms, great in containers & a great accent plant. Bees love lavender & butterflies $16.99
Lavender I Sensational sun/wd/avg-18" -a french Lavender; highly fragrant; dense purple flowers; all Lavenders attract Bees & Butterflies $16.99
Leucanthemum s Ice Cream Dream sun/good drainage-16"-intense yellow buds open cream to near white, fully double, pom-pom-like flowers $12.99
Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy sun/good drainage-2'-DH-spectacular floral display;early-mid summer;fantastic frilly white flowers $4.99
Leucanthemum Madonna sun-/good drainage-10"-No sunny border would seem complete without the familiar presence of Shasta Daisies. Bright white $4.99
Leucanthemum s I C Dream sun-ps/M/-12"Intense yellow buds open cream and to near white, fully double, pom-pom-like flowers with small yellow centers. $12.99
Leucanthemum s Marshmallow sun-ps/M-20"-'Marshmallow' has a puffy look just like the sweet treat ; large 3½" fully double, bright white flowers cover the plant $16.99
Leucanthemum s Whoops A Daisy sun-ps/M -15"HUGE 3" white blooms with yellow centers covers the whole mounded plant. $12.99
Leucanthemum White Lion sun-ps/M-10" Compact and covered in huge, daisy-like white flowers with a yellow center.
Lewesia c Elise Mix Sun/wd-6"-one of the most treasured rock garden plants. fleshy rosette of tough evergreen leaves, variety of colors & bi-colors $9.99
Lewisia Sunset Strain “ WD/6" clusters bloom in sunset shades of yellow, peach, salmon, orange and pink. Best in a cool rock garden setting, $9.99
Liatris s Floristan Violet Sun-2'-vivid magenta-purple flower spikes up to a foot long; a staple in cutting garden&bouquets and the perfect choice $4.99
Liatris s Floristan White Sun/wd-30"- spikes of white long bottlebrush-like flower spikes. Excellent as a cut flower or in the butterfly garden. $4.99
Liatris s Kolbold Strain sun/poor-18"-Liatris is a very strong vertical accent; 'Kobold' is one of the best selections; purple-not grown from seed $9.99
Lilies a Apricot Fudge sun-ps/wd/S/HR/-3'-Said to be one of the most unique lily flowers. double lily with apricot colored rose shaped blooms $9.99
Lilies a Double Sensation - double red sun-ps/wd -2'-X flower form and an exceptionally long bloom time. semi-double flowers, accented by pale red petals $9.99
Lilies a Forever Susan - sun-ps/wd-3' showy, wide-open deep burgundy blooms, 4" tipped and edged with bright gold and orange $9.99
Lilies a Heartstrings® sun-ps/wd/S/HR/-40"- peachy-yellow flower centers with raspberry pink-tipped petals, produces 3-5 flowers per stem $9.99
Lilies a Nightrider sun-ps/wd-2'- the richest deepest black purple possible, long lasting, satin sheen flowers; cut flowers, $9.99
Lilies a Njox sun/ps/wd/S/HR-3'- mid season; medium pink with white throat; add bonemeal when buds start to appear $9.99
Lilies a Tiny Diamonds sun/ps/wd/S/HR-12-16" massive clumps; flowers red & white $9.99
Lilies o Robert Swanson sun-ps/wd/S-5', flame red flowers up to 7" across; recurved tepals tipped in buttery yellow $9.99
Lilies o Roselily Editha sun-ps/wd/S-3' Layers of candy-pink petals give this double Oriental lily a soft and romantic appeal; lightly fragrant $9.99
Lilies o Salmon Star sun/ps/wd/S/HR-2'- salmon background color, emphasized by coral bands and lovely red speckles. large-flowered fragrant $9.99
Lilies o Stargazer' sun-ps/wd/S- 28" heavily fragrant; crimson-pink flowers with dark spots & white edges; mid summer & good cut $9.99
Lilies o Tricolor sun/ps/wd/S/HR- 16" - showy fragrant; Multi-Color: Yellow bands, white, then dark pink edges $9.99
Lilies Tiny Parrot sun-12"-large, gorgeous flowers in gold for a beautiful summer display;upward-facing gold flowers are contrasted with deep burgundy speckles $9.99
Linium flavum Compactum Bitmap sun/wd-15" This superb perennial covers itself with masses of bright golden-yellow flowers all summer long. $4.99
Linum Blue sun/avg-12"; sky blue saucer shaped flowers mid spring to late summer $4.99
Lithodora Gold n Sapphires Bitmap Sun/wd/A-4"- Mat formimg; golden hairy leaves with profuse brilliant deep blue star shaped flowers $12.99
Lobelia Starship Scarlet sun/wd/HR-2'; Free flowering,floriferous,very attractive to hummers; scarlet blooms & near black stems 2/pk 4.99
Lupine Gallery Blue Sun-Ps/M/N -24"- lovely & showy… they will drop their seed so keep this I mind as to where you plant $4.99
Lupine Gallery Mix Sun-Ps/M/N -24"- lovely & showy… they will drop their seed so keep this I mind as to where you plant $4.99
Lupine Gallery Red sun-ps/wd-28"-so beautiful in the garden $4.99
Lupine Gallery Yellow sun-ps/wd-18"- lovely & showy..will drop their seed so keep this in mind $4.99
Lychnis ark Vesuvius sun/wd/m/hr-10"-If you're looking for a plant with purplish leaves in the spring and bright orange flowers, look no further $4.99
Lychnis chal Maltese Cross sun /wd/m/hr-2', intense orange-red, a brilliant addition to the garden $4.99
Lychnis flos-cucili sun-ps/wd/hr/m-18", Ragged Robin red/pink fls deeply lobbed fine petals $4.99
Lysmachia Golden Alexander sun-ps/wd-2'- variegated leaves remain attractive all season long, bold margins of creamy-yellow. Spikes of starry yellow flowers $12.99
Malva Zebrina sun-ps/wd/S l4-5' large, red flame blossoms, up to 7",recurved tepals tipped in buttery yellow $9.99
Monarda Elec Neon Purple sun-ps/wd/M/HR-20" Huge 3" light coral pink flowers above very dark green foliage. Excellent resistance to powdery mildew. $16.99
Monarda Electric Neon Coral sun-ps/wd/HR/M-2' -Huge 3" light coral pink flowers are produced above very dark green foliage; X resistance to mildew $16.99
Monarda Electric Neon Pink isun-ps/wd/S 20" intense neon pink 3" flowers $16.99
Monarda Jacob Cline sun-ps/wd/M/HR-3'-heads of long tubular deep red flowers.One of the best mildew resistant varieties $9.99
Monarda Leading Lady Rasp sun-ps/wd/HR/M-14" a colorful swath of bright raspberry purple flowers $19.99
Monarda mix sun-ps/wd/M/HR- 42", mid season blooms, popular bee plants $4.99
Monarda Panorama Red sun-ps/wd/M/HR 42", Red mid season blooms, popular bee & hummer plants $4.99
Monarda Snow White sun-ps/wd/S-30" an older variety but still remains one of the best 'whites'; blooms mid summer to late fall $9.99
Montauk Daisy sun/wd-28", Nipponanthemum; fall blooming oure white flowers with yellow centres... Very nice; deer & pest resistant $12.99
Mysostis Bellamy Blue sun-ps/wd/HR-6-8"- clusters of sky-blue flowers bloom early in the spring. $4.99
Nepeta Blue Prelude sun-ps-2'- This beautiful Nepeta will flower for months in the Spring and Summer. Attracts pollinators with its fragrant leaves. $9.99
Nepeta Cat's Meow sun-ps/wd/HR-20"- the best of the best color wise fo Catmints..attracts many beneficials $16.99
Nepeta Cat's Pajamas sun-ps/wd-12"-ball-shaped habit carries long, dark flower stems that hold indigo blue flowers.Early blooming $16.99
Nepeta f Purrsian Blue sun-ps/wd/-14"-Periwinkle blue flowers are coddled by dark purple calyxes with aromatic foliage; early summer- early fall. $16.99
Nepeta r Snowflake sun-ps/wd- 1' 3' spread; bright white flowers; aromatic; beneficials $12.99
Nepeta r Walker's Low sun-ps/wd-2-3'- high performance & low maintenance variety; $12.99
Nepeta s Purple Prelude sun-ps/wd-3'-This beautiful Nepeta will flower for months in the Spring and Summer. Attracts pollinators with its fragrant leaves. $9.99
Nipponanthemum leu. Montauk Daisy... See Montauk Daisy
Opuntia polyacantha sun/V.V.Wd 8", mid season blooms, use high potash to bring into flower, let dry out completely in winter[prickly pear] $9.99
Paeonia l Celebrity' sun/wd/M-3' 5", fragrant, frilly double flowers; midseason. a tufted center of dark pink and white with a pale pink fringe $29.99
Paeonia l Francois Ortegat sun/wd/M-3' old-fashioned large double flowers of vibrant crimson pink;mid spring-mid summer; v little fragrance $19.99
Paeonia l Shirley Temple sun/wd/M- 2'- vigorous;Huge, fully double, white blooms with a hint of rose coloring; early blloms fragrant $19.99
Paeonia Pink Hawaiian Coral' sun/wd/M-3'- semi-double opening to reveal their yellow stamens, and fading to soft apricot-pink; spring, fragrant $19.99
Paeonia Sorbet sun/wd-M-3'-Imagine large anemone-shaped blossoms packed with layers of pink and creamy-white frilly petals. Fragrant, $26.99
Papaver n Champagne Bub sun-ps/wd/HR/M-18" usually self-seed and come back year after year;mixture of orange, yellows. white, red's 2/pk 4.99
Papaver n Spring Fever Mix sun best/wd/HR-16" cheerful, crepe paper-textured flowers adorned with slightly glossy petals. spring into summer 2/pk 4.99
Papaver o Beauty of Livermore sun-ps/wd/HR-3'- large, crepe papery, cup-shaped, scarlet red flowers with a dark eye and black splotches at their $4.99
Papaver o 'Bolero sun best/wd/HR-3' rosy purple-red flowers with dark purple eyes and black $9.99
Papaver o Brilliant sun best/wd/HR/ 36" provide a cheerful display of huge brilliant scarlet red satiny flowers in l.spring and e summer. $4.99
Papaver o Harlem sun best/wd/HR-30"-large, double, ruffled, crepe papery, burgundy-rose flowers, dark purple eyes & black splotches..long bloomer $9.99
Papaver o Harvest Moon sun-ps/wd/hr/M/18"- deep, rich tangerine shade that stand out wildly in the garden. $9.99
Papaver o Lttl Dncing Girl sun best/wd/HR-20"-pretty, soft pink saucer-shaped flowers are double flowering and have a dark pattern at base $12.99
Papaver o Patty's Plum sun best/wd/HR - 3'- large flamboyant flowers, which possess black blotches at the base of each petal. $9.99
Papaver o Perry's White sun best/wd/HR-3'-white flowers with a contrasting maroon-purple centre. $9.99
Papaver o Picotee sun-ps/wd/HR-3' large, crepe papery, bowl-shaped, white flowers adorned with ruffled, soft orange edges. $9.99
Papaver o Pizzcato sun best//wd/hr This compact-growing strain features flowers in shades of white, pink, salmon and scarlet $4.99
Papaver o Prince of Orange sun/wd/-3' large, crepe papery, cup-shaped, brilliant tangerine flowers with a dark eye and black splotches at their base $9.99
Papaver o Royal Wedding sun/wd-3'-large white blossoms, with a maroon-black eye.They disappear in summer, plant something bushy such as Rudbeckia, $4.99
Papaver o Victoria Louise sun-ps/wd/HR- 6- " bold salmon round flowers with black eyes at the ends of the stems $4.99
Papaver orientale sun best/wd/HR-3' huge, silky-satin flowers in shades of red, orange, white or pink. Plant in small groups for best display $9.99
Penstemon Husker Red Superior sun/wd/MedM -3'- red stems;white(a touch of pink) bell-shaped flowers-lush foliage of rich, bronze-red leaves. 2/pk 4.99
Penstemon Pristine Lilac sun/wd/MedM-20" Tubular dark-purple flowers climb vertical spikes amid compact clumps of glossy foliage.beneficials $12.99
Perovskia a Bl Jean Baby sun/dry/wd- 3' lavender blue flowers; fragrant, deer resistant; fills in quickly $16.99
Perovskia a Crazy Blue sun/dry/wd-18"-compact& colorfu & easy care for use as an accent, border or mass planting. Violet-blue flower spikes $12.99
Perovskia a Sage Advice sun/dry/wd -32" strong stems bearing rich lavender purple flowers. Blooming for weeks from mid-summer to fall, $16.99
Pervoskia a Bluesette sun/dry/wd- 3' -new variety, flowering early with abundant blue flowerspires that bees and other pollinators love $12.99
Pervoskia a Little Spire sun/dry/wd-2'-erect, multi-stemmed, sub-shrub or deciduous perennial with terminal panicles of small violet-blue flowers $12.99
Pervoskia atriplicfolia sun/dry/wd-15" -masses of lavender colored flowers on aromatic stems; Pervoskias love the heat $12.99
Phlox p GG Cover Girls sun/dry/AM-40" has lavender purple flowers with a white halo at centers $16.99
Phlox p GG Glamour Girl sun/dry/AM-40" large panicles of hot coral pink flowers held on dark purple stems. $16.99
Phlox p GG Party Girls sun/dry/AM-40"--has white flowers with a star-shaped light pink centers. $16.99
Phlox p GG Uptown Girls sun/dry/AM- 40"- has light pink flowers with a star-shaped dark pink eyes. $16.99
Phlox p Laura sun/dry/ AM -3'- large, pyramidal clusters of fuschia-purple flower with white starry centres & dark eyes $9.99
Phlox p Orange Perfection sun/dry/ AM 3' eye-catching salmon-orange flowers adorned with a red eye $9.99
Phlox s Candy Stripes sun/dry/ 4"- is a delightful evergreen perennial with masses of candy pink and white striped flowers which $9.99
Phlox s Emerald Blue sun/wd/m-6" masses of delicate lavender-blue flowers which blanket the dark green, needle-like foliage $9.99
Phlox s Emerald Pink sun/dry/ -4"- masses of starry, hot-pink flowers which blanket the dark green, needle-like foliage in mid to late spring. $9.99
Phlox s GoldiPhlox Cherry sun/dry/AM- 6"- dark pink spring blooms $9.99
Phlox s Red Wings sun/dry/ 4"-an eye-catching, evergreen perennial with masses of starry, pinkish-crimson flowers adorned with dark red center eyes. $9.99
Phlox s Scarlet Flame sun/dry/ 4"- is an incredibly eye-catching evergreen perennial with masses of vibrant scarlet-red flowers, $9.99
Phlox s Spring® Scarlet sun/wd/m-6" eye-catching evergreen perennial with masses of vibrant scarlet-red flowers $9.99
Phlox s Vida's pink sun/wd/m-6"..excellent early rock garden plant; bright pink $9.99
Phlox s Vida's purple sun/wd/m-6" excellent early rock garden plant; purple $9.99
Phlox s Vida's white sun/wd/m-6" excellent ground cover… .excellent early rock garden plant; White $9.99
Phlox s Violet Pinwheel sun/wd 4-6" Alpine Phlox-vivid purple; blooms very early; a prolific bloomer $9.99
Physalis franchetti sun/wd/m 24", late season blooms, Chinese Lantern, this can be invasive but it is lovely in fall bouquets 4.99-9.99
Physostegia Chrysal Peak White Sun/ps/wd/Hr/M-18"- a compact mound, bearing spikes of classy white flowers from midsummer through the fall $4.99
Physostegia vir Vivid'' dense spikes of vibrant pink tubular flowers from mid-late to fall. Blooming from the bottom to the top $9.99
Platycodon Astra Blue sun-ps/wd-a short dwarf balloon flower with semi-double periwinkle-blue flowers in summer 2/pk 4.99
Platycodon Astra Pink sun-ps/wd-a short dwarf balloon flower with semi-double bright pink flowers in summer 2/pk 4.99
Platycodon Astra White sun-ps/wd-10"-Single, white, star-shaped flowers have dark blue lines centred in each petal; Dwarf, compact mound 2/pk 4.99
Polemonium Heavenly Habit sun-ps/wd-10-12"-DH-bearing loads of violet-blue, starry flowers, each with a white eye. Blooms appear over a long season. 2/pk 4.99
Polygonatum Variegatum NA shade/wd/M/Hr-3'-bright red, upright and slightly arching stems that are red from base to tip with Mini white bells $24.99
Potentila t Monarch's Velvet' sun/any-1-3' showy, saucer-shaped, deep raspberry-red flowers, 1" with a dark center from early to late summer. $9.99
Primula Princess Mix sun-ps/wd/M-10"-Bright flowers are yellow, maroon, lavender, white, pink, or blue-violet, most have large eyes of a contrasting color $4.99
Pulmonaria Raspberry Frost p shade/Hr/M-6-8"- silver spotted, lance-shaped leaves and giant cobalt-blue flowers in early spring and continue for months. $16.99
Pulmonaria Pretty in Pink p shade/Hr/M 16"- rosy pink flowers above Silver speckles that dot the deep green, elongated leaves. $16.99
Pulmonaria Twinkle Toes morning sun/wd-16" Light periwinkle blue flowers. Dark green leaves; silver sprinkling. Low, mounded habit $16.99
Pulsitila v Alba sun/wd-8" -boasting large, bell-shaped, pure white flowers, up to 3" on short stems in early spring. $9.99
Pulsitila v Rubra sun/wd-8" boasting large, bell-shaped, redflowers, up to 3 ", on short stems in early spring. $9.99
Pulsitila v Violet sun/wd-8" boasting large, bell-shaped, purple-violet flowers, up to 3 ", on short stems in early spring. $9.99
Rheum p tanguiticum Sun-ps/wd-6'- architectural effect.large pointy-edged leaves tinged with bronzy-red early,becoming green. $9.99
Rodgersia h Cherry Blush’ dappled shade/M/hr-2'-it produces big plumes of glowing deep-pink flowers in early summer, $16.99
Rudbeckia A Gold Rush sun/wd/M-2' a flower powerhouse that produces masses of yellow gold blossoms from summer into fall. $16.99
Rudbeckia Autumn Colors sun/wd/M-2'-Bicoloured shades of burgundy and yellow petals surrounding a dark cone $4.99
Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy sun/wd/M- unique cherry to deep-red blooms that are 2-3” wide. It gives impressive garden performance mid summer 2/pk-9.99
Rudbeckia Denver Daisy sun/wd-M-10" golden flowers, 3"rich mahogany w dark chocolate cone from early summer to frost. Blooms Profusely early to late $4.99
Rudbeckia f Goldblitz sun-ps/wd/M-30" Large 3-4" deep golden-yellow flowers with black cones. Plants bloom midsummer into fall..easy to grow 2/pk-12.99
Rudbeckia f Little GoldStar sun-ps/wd/M-1'-compact, clump-forming perennial boasting masses of golden-yellow, starburst-shaped flowers, 2" across $16.99
Rudbeckia h Prairie Sun sun-ps/wd/M-3' unusually large daisy-like flowers, up to 5" across one of the largest blooms among Rudbeckia. $9.99
Rudbeckia h Toto Rustic sun-ps/wd/M-1-2'- bright golden 3" across flowers with chocolate cones, profuse blooming from mid season to late 2/pk 4.99
Rudbeckia l Goldquelle' sun-ps/wd/M-2'- dark green leaves and bright lemon-yellow, fully double flowers $9.99
Sagina Crispy sun/v.wd/gritty 5", mid season blooms, very small white flower, soft light green foliage, good ground cover 2/pk 4.99
Salvia n Blue by You sun/wd/M- 2' Long, bright blue flower spikes.DH- remove spent flowers $9.99
Salvia n Bumbleberry sun/wd/M- produces dark wine purple stems and eye-catching spikes of dark fuchsia-pink flowers in early summer. $16.99
Salvia n May Night sun/wd/M-2'-long blooming period; blooms prolifically with deep purple-blue flowers. $9.99
Salvia n New Dimension Rose sun/wd/ M -16"-sheer back spent blooms and watch the many times this dark pink beauty will rebloom $19.99
Salvia n New Dimensions Blue sun/wd/M-18"-chubby spikes of deep and intense violet-blue flowers appearing in late spring. Fragrant-polinators $4.99
Salvia n White Profusion sun/wd/ M -16"-sheer back spent blooms and watch the many times this white beauty will rebloom $19.99
Salvia p Moulin Rouge sun/wd/M-2'- incredibly dark, deep rose buds burst open to huge, rosy pink flowers. $16.99
Sanguisorba Little Angel sun/ps/F/M/wd-3'-clump-forming perennial with profuse and attractive fluffy, reddish-pink, bottlebrush flowers $16.99
Saponaria ocymoides sun/wd 6", early blooms, good ground cover, cut back hard for re-bloom, excellent for walls $9.99
Scabiosa c Giga Blue sun/S/dry-12-18"-blooms from late spring until frost with lavender blue flowers; $12.99
Scabiosa c Pink Mist sun/S/dry-6-8"-bearing a very long display of small button-shaped flowers in a soft pastel-pink shade. $12.99
Sedum CC Appletini Sun/dry 4-5" Succulents are very popular...bright green with burgundy tips $9.99
Sedum CC Bing Cherry Sun/dry 4-5" also known as Aglow -A smashing red rosette with velvety leave $9.99
Sedum Night Embers sun/dry-2'-Late; dark black-purple, semi-glossy leaves. Small clusters of light mauve pink flowers on deep red stems $16.99
Sedum spe Carl sun/dry- 2' tight heads of starry magenta pink flowers $12.99
Sedum spu Spot On sun/dry- 4" attractive foliage and exceptionally large flowers make Spot On a big upgrade over regular Sedums. $12.99
Sedum spu Voodoo sun/dry 6" GC deep red, evergreen foliage, and rose-pink summer flowers. 2/pk 4.99
Sedum Sunsparkler Firecracker sun/dry -6-8" Noted for its rich burgundy red color all season long; mat forming $16.99
Sempervivum ara Cobweb sun/wd-6"-is a small-growing selection of hen and chicks that is especially lovely with its tight rosettes of cobwebbed foliage $12.99
Sempervivum Ruby Heart sun/wd/fertile-4"- deep burgundy succulent $9.99
Sidalcea Elsie Heugh' sun-ps/wd-20"- deep pink flowers are held on upright stems to form pretty spikes; long lasting blooms $9.99
Sidalcea Party Girl sun-ps/wd/18"-flowers in a range of shades from pink to magenta-red. ... Prune back hard after blooming, possible rebloom $4.99
Silene r Rolly's Fav sun-ps/wd-14"- lovely clump of soft foliage with tall stems topped by bright pink flower clusters. long-lasting in the garden $12.99
Solidago x Little Lemon sun/wd/any-14"-one of the most compact forms of goldenrod on the market today,lemon-yellow plumes on upright stems $12.99
Stachy's byzantina sun-ps/wd-20"-soft, felty silver grey leaves. Upright spikes of magenta-pink flowers form in early summer, $4.99
Stokesia l Honeysong Pur sun/wd-18"-produces the typical lavender-blue stokesia flowers but it blooms much longer and a bit later than the other types $12.99
Tanacetum Robinson Red s-ps/wd- up tp 3'- Painted daisy showy large red flowers; attracts beneficials & deer resistant $9.99
Thalictrum Yulia Ps/M/hr-28"-lacy, refined, bluish-green foliage and its dense panicles of pink, white or purple fluffy flowers. $19.99
Thyme Spicy Orange sun/wd/N-alk 2-3" H will bring a delicious scent to your garden. Plant along pathways, in rock gardens, in containers. $4.69
Thyme p Coccineus sun/wd/N-alk ornamental GC.a dense, flat mat of evergreen, dark green leaves that are smothered in bright magenta-red flowers $9.99
Thymus pseu Wooly sun/wd/N-alk 5", early season blooms, grey-green color, soft fuzzy leaf with lavender flower $9.99
Thymus s Mother of Thyme sun/wd/N-alk 12", mid season blooms, , fragrant, ground cover & between stones $4.99
Tiarella Finger Paint Ps/M-9"Each leaf is deeply lobed with pointy edges, with an overall lacy texture. The centers of the leaves have burgundy blotches, like handprint made with paint. Ivory flowers $16.99
Tradescantia a Snowcap sun/shade/wd/M -2' -beautiful white Spiderwort DH for lasting performance- versatile garden displays $9.99
Tradescantia Concord Grape sun/shade/wd/M -2' beautiful deep purple Spiderwort DH for lasting performance- versatile garden displays $12.99
Tradescantia Pink Chablis sun/shade/wd/M -2' beautiful bright pink Spiderwort DH for lasting performance- versatile garden displays $12.99
Tricyrtis Taipei Silk shade-Ps /HR/M -2' (Toad Lily)large creamy white flowers with purple edges& reddish spotting; maintenance free $9.99
Trillium e Red Trillium shade/wd/M-6" dwarf- three red petal alternating with green leaves… very early to bloom $9.99
Trollus Alabaster sun-ps/M-24"-An exceptional variety of globeflower presenting large fabulous golden yellow blooms $12.99
Uvularia grandiflora shade-Ps/HR/M-2' clusters of nodding, narrowly bell-shaped pale yellow flowers,1.5" Late spring blooming $12.99
Verbascum c W Candles sun/avg M/wd-3' compact variety with candelabra like spikes of white blooms with fuzzy purple centers and orange anthers, $4.99
Veronica First Love sun/wd-18" masses of spikes of hot pink flowers rising above the foliage from early to late summer, which are most effective when plant in groupings. $12.99
Veronica l Vernique Shining Sea sun/wd/HR-18" conical spikes of light and dark lavender blooms above narrow, toothed, bright green foliage. $12.99
Veronica Moody Blues sun/wd/HR-18" upright spikes of light blue flowers CTS summer blooms , right up until frost. DH for best displays $12.99
Veronica p Georgia Blue sun-/wd/HR-6" cushion of small, rich-blue flowers adorned with pearly-white eyes, early mid spring 2/pk 4.99
Veronica Perfectly Picasso sun-/wd/HR 20" upright, clump-forming;elegant spikes of star-shaped, medium pink flowers from mid to late summer $16.99
Veronica Snowmass B Eye sun/wd-2"h GC speedwell with glossy evergreen foliage that blooms ;a profusion of white-petaled, blue-eyed flowers. $12.99
Vinca Bowels Minor sun-ps/wd/m/avg 18", early season blooms, excellent ground cover, evergreen $9.99
Viola cornuta Rebecca pt shade/wd-6" compact, rounded perennial prized for its abundance of large, fragrant black flowers, with bright yellow centers. $9.99
Viola Eco Artist Palette pt shade/Wd- 6" large pale lemon yellow blossoms with lavender margins. Floriferous $9.99
Zauschneria g Org Carpet sun/no clay/wd-Fuchsia (hardy)GC bearing a riot of small scarlet orange trumpet blooms from mid summer into the autumn. Flowers are attractive to hummingbirds $12.99