Key Terms:

BOLD means new; DT-drought tolerant; Wd-well drained; M-moist; MM-medium; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; D-dry; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; SD-sharply drained; LM-leaf mould; F-fertile; MT-moisture retentive; X-excellent; Gc– ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; P-poor; AM-air movement; VV-very very

PS – usually means that it will require early morning sun & not noonday sun; also all perennial bed should be amended with HR compost; FS-full sun

ARBC- add small rocs over top of roots before covering to keep plant from flopping over;

Cultivation Garden Use
Alnus rugosa wet, boggy, streams;13'-Grey Alder-root nodules of alders support nitrogen-fixing bacteria; fast growing; plant under power lines $29.99
Amur River Privet sun/Wd-dense growing hedging, upright olive green foliage,wht insignificant flowers, trim 2-3 times a year $14.99e- 10/11.99ea
Artemesia Old Man sun/wd-3'-an erect sub-shrub with very finely divided, pleasantly aromatic grey-green leaves, $19.99
Azalea Mandarin Lights sun-ps/hr/A/wd--3'- Covered in rich orange blooms in spring. Probably the most striking flowering shrubs 39.99
Azalea Northern Hi-Lights sun-ps/hr/wd/A-3' stunning clusters of lightly-scented pink trumpet-shaped flowers with rose overtones at the ends of the branches 39.99
Azalea Rosy Lights sun-ps/hr/A/wd-. Prolific bloomer of deep dark rosy pink blooms $66.99
Azalea Western Lights sun-ps/hr/A/wd-4 x 4'-clear pink tublar flowers; an improvement over Orchid Lights $66.99
Azalea White Lights sun-ps/hr/A/wd-5 x5'--smothered in stunning clusters of lightly-scented white trumpet-shaped flowers with a yellow blotch $66.99
Berberis t Aurea Nana sun-wd/A/clay/prune after flowering -3' stunning bright yellow foliage, which appears in May to June is most noteworthy. $59.99
Berberis t Concord sun-wd/A/clay soil/prune after flwr 18"h- deep maroon-purple foliage;. Small yellow flowers may be followed by a few bright red berries. $49.99
Berberis t Rose Glow sun /avg/wd/prn aft flwr - 5' x 4'w, small, deciduous shrub with an eye-catching foliage of deep rose-red leaves mottled with pink and white $59.99
Berberis t Royal Cloak sun /avg/wd/prn aft flwr- 5 x 5'-upright, arching growth habit and large reddish-purple leaves. fast-growing, $49.99
Buddlei d Black Knight Sun/wd/ protect from winter winds 5'-blue purple blue-purple; fragrant, attracts butterflies $36.99
Buddlei d Miss Molly Sun/wd/ protect from winter winds-5'- bright magenta pink; non invasive- bees & butterflies are very attractive to them $49.99
Caroypteris c Beekeeper sun- 3' x 3'-compact, rounded habit with a profusion of fragrant, deep blue-purple flowers in late summer. Attractive to beneficials $49.99
Chaenomeles s Toyo Nishiki sun-ps/wd-avg-8'- abundant clusters of reddish, pink and white blooms, up to 1.5"; .small fragrant greenish yellow fruit in the fall $39.99
Chaenomeles Texas Scarlet sun-ps/wd-avg-4'-a small, spreading, deciduous shrub with abundant clusters of fiery red flowers, up to 1 1/2" $39.99
Clethra a Vanilla Spice Ps/M/A/S-3-6'-compact, slowly spreading bottlebrush spikes of extra fragrant white flowers, 10-12" which bloom for 4-6 weeks in mid to late summer. $49.99
Cornus a L Rebel Jeffries rich/wd A-4'- white flowers in spring followed by dense foliage through the summer; blood red stems for winter interest
Cornus Florida rich/wd/A/25' white flat top tree… very beautiful Fall berries $49.99
Cornus kousa Satomi rich, well-drained acidic soil and adequate precipitation-25'-showy deep pink flowers in spring and a strongly horizontal habit of growth $199.99
Cotinus cog Royal Purple sun-ps/A/prune in spring-10', foliage dark purple,pink flowers looks like smoke-this is the best "smoke' variety $49.99
Cotoneaster d Coral Beauty Wd/F/little or no pruning-20"h x 6.5'w, glossy green & white foliage, white flowers, GREAT GC for large areas $39.99
Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossoms Sun best/wd/m/hr up to 6'-Incredible clusters of small cupped mockorange-like pink flowers laced with white; $49.99
Deutzia Yuki Snowflake sun-ps- 2'-Hundreds of elegant star-shaped fragrant blossoms in spring, $49.99
Diervilla Kodiak Red sun-ps/any soil-4'-deep burgundy & turns vivid red in fall.In summer, leaves have a red edge & clusters of small yellow flowers appear all season. $49.99
Diervilla lonicera sun-ps/avy soil-3' native orange red flowers are very attractive to bees & hummers $29.99
Diervilla r Kodiak Orange dry shaded area-4'; best color wiith some sun ;orange spring foliage; magnet for polinators; Yellow flower-like CTS; orange/red fall Color $49.99
Elaeagnus angustifolia (Russian Olive) Sun-ps; WD; /M-tolerates a wide rangge of grwoing conditions30' ; Invasive; prune hard annually; medicinal properties; silverleaved $46.99
Euonymus Fire Ball sun/wd-6' VV hardy; green in summer turning brilliant fire-red fall color is also displayed earlier than others. $39.99
Euonymus Chicago Fire sun/wd-6' VV hardy; dark green in summer turning fiery red color in late summer; is also displayed earlier than others. $39.99
Exochorda mac Lotus Moon sun-ps-5'-pearlbush, this spring bloomer is covered in white round flower buds resembling a string of pearls. $39.99
Forsythia Northern Gold Sun/wd-6' prune right after flowering. If you don't prune it will go wild & stop blooming, eventually $36.99
Genista Lydia sun/wd--2'dwarf shrub with arching or trailing branches that produces waves of bright yellow, pea-like flowers in late spring and early summer
Hibiscus Bali sun/HR/wd/8' Semi-double pure white flowers 3-4" are highlighted with a bold purple-red center $36.99
Hibiscus Collie Mullens sun/HR/wd/8'-blooms beautiful double, light purple blossoms on branches with bright green toothy foliage. Blooms are typically 4-6” $49.99
Hibiscus Hawaii sun/HR/wd/8' Large showy 3-4" blossoms are a lovely blue accentuated with a red-purple heart. $29.99
Hibiscus Helene sun/HR/wd/8'-very compact; White, heavily ruffled flowers with reddish purple eyes $49.99
Hibiscus Lavender Chiffon sun/HR/wd/neut-alk-8-Large, single lavender flowers are adorned with a lacy center $49.99
Hibiscus White Chiffon sun/HR/wd/neut-alk-8-Large singlecrisp clean white flowers appear in late summer $49.99
Hydrangea a Annabelle sun-ps/M/HR /prune e spring-5'- July, it produces huge round heads of pure white blooms Bloom on New wood $49.99
Hydrangea Inv.Mini Mauvette sun-ps/M/HR /3'- enormous deep pink-mauve flower heads in summer,long bloom time; prune to a few inches from the ground in spring; $46.99
Hydrangea m Endless Summer sun-ps/M/HR /prune e spring/blooms old & NU wood-3'-Huge blooms repeats;blooms old & nu wood; pinkwhite edge -use lime for pink $49.99
Hydrangea m Let's Dance B.Jangles sun-ps/M/HR /2'-blooms old & nu wood, compact; reblooming hydrangea .Large, full flower heads will readily go heavenly blue in acid soils $59.99
Hydrangea m Let's Dance Rave sun-ps/M/HR /2' blooms on old & new wood; Electric color that ranges from vivid violet-purple; acid soil $59.99
Hydrangea m Rock & Roll sun-ps/M/HR 4-5' reblooms on new wood; vibrant rose-pink $49.99
Hydrangea m Twist & Shout sun-ps/prune e spring/blooms old & NU wood-5' mophead;Pink or light pink, flat-topped flowers with a bluish cast $59.99
Hydrangea m Wee Bit Giddy sun-ps/M/HR -2' red-rose blooms. Reblooming all summer $49.99
Hydrangea p Berry White SUN /M/HR-7' -panicle Hyd.abundant, long lasting flower heads that start white and progress to pink, intense raspberry red and finally wine red. $49.99
Hydrangea p Candelabra sun-ps/M/HR-6' wands of large, cone-shaped inflorescences that open creamy white then blush pink for a reliable, long-lasting show. $49.99
Hydrangea p Vanilla Strawberry sun-ps/M/HR -6'-white panicles turn to raspberry pink over the summer; a real SHOW STOPPER $49.99
Hydrangea p Limelight sun-ps/M/HR /prune e spring-5'-flowers start green and develop their pink/red coloration beginning in late August,3+ bloom months $49.99
Hydrangea q Gatsy Star oak sun-ps/M/HR-8'-large lace capped,large white cone shaped blooms feature unique double star shaped florets. $49.99
Hydrangea s Tiny Tuff Stuff sun-ps/M/HR-2'- RE-Blooms color leans towards blue, the flower color may range from blue to pink to white, all soft, delicate shades $49.99
Ilex Winter Red/Southern Gent sun- holly native where it typically occurs in swamps, damp thickets, low woods and along ponds and streams. Red berries in December 1 INV
Kerria j Pleniflora Ps-shde/M/wd-8'; Important to prune annually (right after flowering) upright arching . Bright yellow, double flowers are borne April to May. $49.99
Kolkwitza am Pink Cloud Sun/wd/m-8'-Beautybush-multi stemmed stunning pink trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow throats along the branches in late spring. . $49.99
Magnolia Elizabeth sun-ps/wd/20-35' fragrant Yellow bloom early in spring .. Very popular $199.99
Magnolia Leonard Messel Sun-ps/Wd/M-20'-( small tree) a compact tree form with multi-stems. a beautiful two-tone flower& the petals are similar to Royal Star Mag $199.99
Magnolia stella Royal Star Sun-ps/Wd/M-15'--slow growing slightly fragrant 3-4" star-shaped WHITE flowers; flowers open before leaves $199.99
Magnolia x 'Susan' Sun-ps/Wd/M- Little Girls series cross between waterlily & liliiflora -5" twisted petals..slower growing than Jane but very floriferous/fragnt $199.99
Philadelphus Minature Snowflake Sun/Wd/M-prune hard after flwr-3'- Fragrant; showy; white $39.99
Physocarpus o Centre Glow sun-ps/med wd-8 x 8'-pinkish white;exfoliating bark which peels in strips to reveal several layers of reddish to light brown inner bark $46.99
Physocarpus o Diablo sun-ps/med wd-6 x 6'-exquisite purple foliage; vase shaped; creamy white flowers $29.99
Physocarpus o Little Devil Nine sun-ps/med wd-3x3'-colourful foliage, emerges bright red and turns burgundy as it matures. Clusters of pink flowers mature to bright red berries $46.99
Potentila f Bella Sol sun/wd-3' x 3'-Bright, rich orange shades paint a picture you simply can’t live without $39.99
Potentila f Pink Beauty sun/wd-30"-bushy deciduous shrub of upright habit boasting masses of clear pink flowers from late spring to the first frosts. $25.99
Potentila Goldfinger sun/wd-3'-large, rich yellow blossoms bloom all summer, deer resistant;one fo the best yellow blooming $29.99
Potentila Happy Face White sun/wd-3' bushy deciduous shrub of upright habit boasting masses of extra large, pure white flowers from late spring to the first frosts. $49.99
Potentila Happy Face yellow sun/wd-3'-bushy deciduous shrub of upright habit boasting masses of extra large, bright yellow flowers from late spring to the first frosts. $49.99
Prunus cistena Sun/wd-up to 10'; may be trained as a small tree. It is most noted for its reddish purple foliage that retains good color throughout the summer. $56.99
Prunus t Multiplex[F.Almond sun/wd-15'-often as a small tree. Pink, five-petaled flowers in fruit $49.99
Rhus (common)(sumac) sun-ps/any soil- 10-12', very tripical looking but very invasive...plant where it can spread easily $25.99
Salix discolor SUN/M/10'- grey leaves, grey under sides...pussy wllow's emerge before the leaves $19.99
Salix int Hakuro Nishiki Sun/M-12' pink stems with pink & white foliage; color will stay better if pruned back regularily $39.99
Salix repens sun/M-2' small pussy willows in spring; growing along ground to 6'
Sambucus Lemony Yellow Lace sun-ps/wd-5'-white spring flowers; finely dissected foliage in a cheery gold color; lemon color into Fall; Deer resist; $49.99
Sambucus n Black Lace Pshade/wd /8' -prune out suckers; deeply cut dark purple foliage, its lemon-scented, pink flowers and its dark blackish-red elderberries $49.99
Spirea a Graciosa sun-ps/M/wd/ prune immediately after flowering-3.5'- clusters of white flowers along the arching branches;vase shaped; Garland Flower $49.99
Spirea j DP Artisan sun-ps/M/wd/ prune immediately after flowering-2.5'- vibrant pink summer flowers, Double Play Artisan has rich purple red new growth in spring. $49.99
Spirea j DP Doozie sun-ps/M/wd/ prune immediately after flowering-'3 wave after wave of glowing deep red/pink flowers from summer to frost. $49.99
Spirea j DP Red sun-ps/M/wd/ prune immediately after flowering if you'd like to see a reflush of the bright red new growth $49.99
Spirea b Goldflame [1] foliage, which are reddish-bronze, turning greenish-yellow to coppery orange and yellow in autumn. Large pinkish-rose flowers $26.99
Spirea billiardii(since 1854 sun-ps/M/wd-6hx4'w-DH to have panicles of closely packed with small, rose-pink flowers throughout summer $35.99
Spirea n Snowmound Sun/M/Wd-4-6' prune after flowering. Branches heavy laden with tiny flowers that give the appearnance of snow $32.99
Spirea v Renaissance sun-ps/M/wd-8'- arching branches that give the plant a form reminiscent of a fountain.covered with tiny white flowers $26.99
Symphoricarpus Snow Berry prefers sun/not fussy-4'-Snowberry- loaded with soft pink berries between September and October. .a great fall blooming shrub $39.99
Syringa Beauty of Moscow Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering.The large, gorgeous, white double flowers with a tinge of pink .. $49.99
Syringa M Lemoine Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering.-8'considered one of the best white . large, showy panicles packed with fragrant double, white $49.99
Syringa Miss Kim Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering;A dwarf, compact lilac with pale purple flower buds open lavender blue. $49.99
Syringa p Bloomerang Dk Purple Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering-5'- reblooming,compact, rounded habit. Sweetly scented, star-like, dark purple flowers $49.99
Syringa Royality Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering-8'-showy panicles of fragrant pink flowers $49.99
Syringa Scentara Pura Sun/Hr/wd/Lime/prune immediately after flowering-12'-slightly fragrant, single purple blossoms with distinct white margins.mid season bloom $49.99
Viburnum Burkwoodi sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flwr-8'- Fragrant and floriferous! Plump pink buds open to white snowball-like clusters in early summer $49.99
Viburnum c Spice Island (Korean sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flwr-5'-intoxicatingly sweet-smelling ball-shaped clusters of pink and white, in early spring; enjoy the fragrance $49.99
Viburnum european(snowball sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flwr-8'-3-inch round clusters of flowers hat start out apple-green and morph to white, be prepared to treat for Aphids $39.99
Viburnuml Lentago sun-ps/wd/prune aftr flwr-15' Nannyberry shrubs are v. ornamental with their shiny green leaves w serrated edges;HUGE ivory flat topped flowers $39.99
Viburnum trilobum sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering;8'-American Cranberry-upright with heavy fruity tasting cranberry; good for making jelly $39.99
Weigela f Sonic Bloom Pink sun-ps/wd/prune after flowering-4'-a striking deciduous shrub noted for its long blooming season. From spring until the first frost $49.99
Weigela f Wine & Roses Full sun/M/F/prune after flowering-5' Rosy pink flowers appear in late spring and often rebloom in summer $49.99
Weigela Kisses sun-ps/wd/M/prune after flowering-4'. Bright, red bell-shaped flowers, each kissed with a white eye, backed by dense, green foliage. $49.99
Weigela Sonic Bloom Pearl sun-ps/wd/M/prune after flowering-4'-open pure white with a yellow throat and then change to pink, multiple colors on one shrub at a time $49.99
Weigela Sonic Bloom Pink sun-ps/wd/M/prune after flowering-5' hot pink flowers long into the season $49.99

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint: No pruning or fertilizer, compost is fertilizer too, to trees or shrubs after August 1st, it promotes new growth which will freeze off in the winter resulting in winter kill of the plant. Water heavily until freeze-up, especially on newly planted material or in a year suffering from drought.

When planting trees/shrubs it is best to not use any fertilizer in the hole, except Bonemeal, which should be worked in with the soil & peat moss & Humus should be worked well into the soil, around the roots, as well. Allow lots of room in the hole for the roots to spread out. If the root is pot bound make several long slashes from top to bottom of the root allowing the roots to escape.

Water the hole well. It is very important to have the water in the hole where the roots are trying to get established. Cover in the roots with the soil you removed from the hole & tamp lightly working around the root ball & fill the hole with soil. Create a ‘basin’ effect to catch the water. Water well once a week even in the rain.

Questions Commonly Asked

“My hydrangea grows beautiful green leaves, but I haven’t seen any blooms yet. How do I get my hydrangea to bloom endlessly?”
There are a few main reasons that you may not see blooms on your hydrangeas plants that can inhibit bloom production. Hydrangeas prefer moist, but not wet soil, and one application of fertilizer in spring or early summer. Endless Summer® hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon dappled shade. If they are planted in full sun, it may be too hot and intense for the blooms to produce.

“I had several small blooms on my hydrangeas last year, so this year I have fertilized every 10 days until I saw blooms starting to develop. What else should I be doing to get big blooms?”
The first rule of thumb is to NOT over-fertilize your plants. We suggest one application of granular fertilizer in spring or early summer, and then follow package instructions afterwards. If you over-fertilize, it can burn the root system of your hydrangeas and actually inhibit bloom production.

“I pruned my hydrangeas back after an early frost and now I am not seeing blooms. Why is that?”
How to prune hydrangeas is a great question. If you pruned your hydrangeas back to the base, that is where your new blooms will grow from! for the new growth to develop and produce will take some time. Be patient and look for the green growth coming up from the base of the plants.

Blooming Guide for Hydrangeas

Hydrangea arborescens: Blooms on new wood, prune in late winter or early spring.

Hydrangea macrophylla: Blooms on old wood, do not prune. Remove only spent flowers and dead, damaged or unsightly wood.

Hydrangea paniculata: Blooms on new wood, prune in late winter or early spring.

Hydrangea quercifolia: Blooms on old wood, do not prune. Remove only spent flowers and dead, damaged or unsightly wood.

Hydrangea serrata: Blooms on old wood, do not prune.