Key Terms

BOLD means new or just new to us; Wd-well drained; M-moist; W-woodland; Hr-humus rich; DH-deadhead; P-poor; S-sandy; Ps-part shade; X-excellent; Gc– ground cover; N-neutral; A-acid; Alk-alkaline; ^-winter protection; Lm-leaf Mould; F-fertile; Mt-moisture retentive.

Helpful Hints

Some of these plants need need a burlap protection in the winter. Always use proper Broadleaf food and only early in the season.
Rhoddo/Azalea do not use any miticides- never water over the top of leaves; Fertilize with proper Rhoddo food,NOT Aluminun Sulphate..FERTILZE RHODO’S IN SPRING AFTER FLWERING & IN JULY.

Leaf chewing Beetles-use Diatomaceous Earth or Horticultural Oil; mulch to provide sufficient moisture.

Leaves turn black and stem starts getting black – Botrytis, usually caused by roots not taking up water each time you water it makes the problem worse. Usually caused by real wet winters & then we get a period of real hot weather. Cut back beyond the black. Supply good air circulation & practice good sanitation…deadhead decaying flowers

Holly – female hollies have a ‘bump in the middle of the flower-male hollies have an indent in the middle of the flower. For best results use proper fertilizer for Hollies-One male Holly will fertilize 5-6 females if stems are not black. Give 2 feedings[no more] of All Purpose Miracle Gro This is good advice for all dead-looking trees/shrubs.
Every 3 years the hollies will shed the older leaves. If, for whatever reason hollies completely de-foliate, they will usually return. Using proper fertilizer is important to the nutrient supply for the plant. Usually sold in small size packages Aluminun Sulphate is NOT a fertilizer, it is for acidifying the soil.

Species/Variety Culture Price
Andromedia p Blue Ice A/wd-Nice Blue foliage& clusters of pink flowers in the spring $ 29.99
Arctostaphylos u Mass'tes Sun-ps/F/AC-6"-1' creeping GC; masses of fruit & berries; hummers, birds love it $ 24.99
Buxus Green Gem Ps/Wd/F/sun may cause scorch- 3'- a superior hybrid Boxwood selection that grows into a cute, neat, tidy, uniform little ball $ 49.99
Buxus Green Mountain Ps/Wd/F/sun may cause scorch 5' vigorous,natural cone shaped, bright green color all season & winter $ 49.99
Hedera Helix Baltica Ps/wd-one of the best choices for a fast-growing and carefree screen or GC. Foliage slightly smaller& more compact than English Ivy $ 29.99
Ilex com Blue Prince/Princess Sun-ps/M-6'x5'w- M&F in one pot to grow as a single plant..DO NOT SEPARATE $ 69.99
Ilex m Blue Prince Sun-ps/M-15'- an excellent pollenizer for female Hollies..Very hardy $ 59.99
Ilex m Princess Sun-ps/M-15' showy bright red berries… good companion to Blue Prince or any variety male Holly $ 59.99
Pieris j Mountain Fire sun-ps/M/V WD/HR/A/prune & fert imm after flwr-12'x9'w- get's it's name from bright red leaves late season $ 59.99
Rhodo Chionodes noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering 5' late to mid-season;large, rounded trusses, white flowers with yellow dorsal blotches. $ 69.99
Rhodo Holden noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering 3x5' deep fuchsia buds open to bright rose-red flowers & a dark red blotch $ 69.99
Rhodo Nova Zembla noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering-6x5'w- vigorous, brilliant red flowers 39.99-69.99
Rhodo PJM Elite noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering-flowers have wavy edges are 1 1/2" across; lilac purple to light violet $ 69.99
Rhodo Purple Passion sun-ps/M/V WD/ prune & fert immed flwrng-5 x 5-stunning clusters of lightly-scented purple dark red spots $ 69.99
Rhodo Scintilation noon shde/A/M/wd/prun & fert after flowering 5' medium-sized, large rounded trusses of 11 to 15 soft pink flowers.
Yucca filamentosa sun/medM/wd- 3' very ornamental broadleaf ornamental with basal swordleaf leaves; bell shaped creamy white flowers $ 59.99